The Money – Jim Meirose

It’s mass. It’s the second collection. Now the object of all this is to get the money. Concentrate on this, and this only. Get the money. He walks down the aisle toward the altar holding the long-handled basket; right down the center, he walks. Once at the first pew, he turns. He thrusts the basket… Continue Reading →

Dog Boss – Jim Meirose

The workmen arrived at the site where they’d been building a roadside sign between a field of tall weeds on one side and a highway on the other. Okay, said the first workman. Today we got to frame the thing out. Simple, except for what I said yesterday. The boss says we got to do… Continue Reading →

Audition Isolde – Jim Meirose 

Wait wait wait wait-wait-wait, Isolde! Again, you have not reached the minimum level to pass this audition. Your face is more Pilotblanket than Homo Sapiens, we don’t need a glamour-shot or hand-done old school brainwave chart to know you are no Gage. Your head is still symmetrical and you have no mates dragging behind. ‘splain,… Continue Reading →

Spidey Manda da Plumber Boy – Jim Meirose

“After a three-hour struggle to get him on the phone, he was rude and I should have just said I wasn’t interested.” –Actual online review posted by disgruntled plumbing service customer Spidey Manda the spidery wallclimber pushed in from his maternal gohole bigger than the average baby but smaller than the smallest grown man but… Continue Reading →

Yon be Da Pickleman – Jim Meirose

Yon be da pickleman rocking her boat dry. Got out and told him. Pickygrin? Litbubby. Prongies? May ketch the prongies? Might? Will. Have ketched the prongies. Doc. Hey Doc. I need help done gone ketched da prongies. Why? That’s why I’m here. Ask why I to you not backwards my way Doc. I think I… Continue Reading →

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