Tragedy – Tara Lynn Hawk

Death is mountaineering
Traversing up my spine like Half Dome
With a heated desire to sit on my shoulder
And whisper into my ear
If only I knew ahead of time
How it all will flow
This experience
The necessary transition
Great unknown expanse
My soul swallowed
And then spit out
Onto another reality that may or may not be that real
My divinity intersecting the not predictable magick
The path of the sought out maybe eternity
Human deer in the headlights
And again


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Bio: Tara Lynn Hawk is a poet and writer whose work has appeared in Occulum, Spelk, Anti-Heroin Chic, Uut, Midnight Lane Gallery, Idle Ink, Spilling Cocoa and more. Her first chapbook of poetry, The Dead, is available on Smashwords. “”




Image: Austin Schmid

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