Bus – Edward O’Dwyer

My girlfriend and I got on the bus but unfortunately there weren’t any seats together available, so we were forced to sit with strangers. Though only a few feet away, soon I missed her terribly, so I turned around and smiled at her and she smiled back at me.

Not long after that, I was missing her again, and even more intensely than before. She didn’t notice when I turned around to smile at her again, having this time been deep in conversation with a very good-looking man sitting next to her.

The next time I was missing her intensely, I turned around to smile at her again but on this occasion found that they were kissing very passionately and with very busy hands.

Suddenly, then, the bus crashed and all its passengers were thrown from their seats into the air. When I regained consciousness I realised immediately I was losing blood fast from a few orifices. There was a mess of broken looking bodies all around me.

I looked around once more to see my girlfriend, not to smile at her but to check if she was hurt. She and the man had been thrown into the aisle. Her body was on top of his now. They both looked in urgent need of medical attention. I could see that a part of his skull had become exposed by some terrible impact, and she had somehow been speared all the way through her stomach by someone’s umbrella, which had then opened up above them.

Quite amazingly, they remained kissing each other every bit as exuberantly as before. It was as if they hadn’t even noticed what was after happening.


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Bio: Edward O’Dwyer is an award-winning poet from Limerick, Ireland. His poems are published in journals throughout the world and he has had two collections of his work published by Salmon Press – The Rain on Cruise’s Street (2014) and Bad News, Good News, Bad News (2017). He has recently begun writing flash fiction and short stories, while working on a third collection of poems.




Image: Peter Clarkson

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