Dragonfly, hovering – Eilise Norris

You fly low to the river.
I see you, wanting to go further, the water like loose sugar.

I know the frisson in your wings, the way the water makes you think.

Your body ignites;
my hand unexpectedly close to ruin, fewer hairs
on the tops of my fingers.
The breeze bites down on
necks of the reeds thrown back.
— just as quickly dissolves.

Her shirt pouted,
shifting to redress some balance, when she said
she felt uncomfortable. So much static
in the hand rail, as though we were already touching.
She tried to steer my eyes aground.
Her nails jewelled, like you.
Beautiful Demoiselle, Common Blue Damsel.

Only a thumbprint on the air
before she flickered,
her friend cutting in.


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Bio: Eilise Norris currently writes short stories, flash fiction and poetry alongside working full-time in academic publishing. She has recently contributed flash fiction to EllipsisZine and BlinkInk. This is her first published poem. Twitter: @eilisecnorris




Image: Stux

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