Finding Eden – Matthew Duggan

Swimming so far from the crowd to strong waves
that guide me back to the shore,
I confess all my sins to a theatre without any faces
where the only ears listening are the cracks in bathroom mirrors,

Autumn leaves fall like lotus eaters retrieving the dead
I had found my Eden and never tasted its fruits,
the golden buds lay in sticky puddles of rust
among the remains of poached angel feathers,

a stranger wearing the pierced armour of paradise
Where all the delights had long ago expired and decayed,
I had found my Eden and never tasted its fruits
In a man-made paradise now unhinged.


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MATTHEW DUGGAN’s poems have appeared in several poetry journals such as Ghost City Review, Harbinger Asylum, Prole, The Journal, Ink, Sweat, and Tears, Osiris. In 2015 Matt won the Erbacce Prize for Poetry with his first full collection Dystopia 38.10 (erbacce-press) and in 2016 won the Into the Void Poetry Prize. Matt has a new collection out called One Million Tiny Cuts published by New York Publishing House.


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