One Time – Mia Christina Döring

In the dead heat of a Berlin summer
I am drilling holes into sharp sheets of tin.

The thin tin wobbles
through hands clumsy in gloves
and I lean heavily,
hunched over,
finger on trigger,
pushing into the space between my knees.

He stands behind me
leaning on the door
in a grey t-shirt,
the one he wears for messy work,
bald head reflecting the sun,
eyes on my back,

He watches with folded arms as sweat gathers under my arms and between my breasts,
as it runs down my temple and plops with purpose onto the tin.
He watches as the drill gets stuck and bits of frayed metal spin into the dirt.
He watches as I lose my balance and waver, hand flailing, sudden jump in my throat.

He watches until the job is done.

And then he walks away.

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MIA CHRISTINA DÖRING is a writer from Dublin, Ireland. Her fiction and poetry has been published in Vias Poetry Journal, Litro Magazine and Headstuff. Her novel Falling was long listed for the Mercier book deal competition in February 2017. Her non-fiction has been published in Headstuff, The Journal and The Huffington Post.


Image: Michael Schwarzenberge

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