epilogue – Issue Three

It appeared on Charles Bridge
A canvas of wood, moonlit,
Wedging between the statues.
Those daring of us, we went near
And found these words within.

What does it do with the words it collects?
How affected is meaning
When leaning between
Voices from another register
And land?
What editorializing is this,
What unelected censorship?
Does it have a plan
This wooden confessor,
This multi-drawered dresser
Of strange design?
Where do I write to,
Who do I ask?
Do I dare include these here,
My niggling doubts,
My fears?
How easy it would be
To pull open an empty drawer,
Easing anxiety
Just by the asking?
It’s silent This Cabinet Of Heed
But It has some need.
I know It has a need.

I walk home.
I don’t know Its meaning
Or Its promise.
Dad thinks It’s learning from us.


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Image: Free-Photos via Pixabay

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