that’s what love is – linda m. crate

a chorus
of sunsets
sang to me of you,
as i thought perhaps this was the
last time your name
would swim
through my veins;
it was not—
you were the only woman
i ever loved,
and the one to wake in me the dreaming
when i thought it was dead;
i drove you away
because of my fear and my confusion
my anger was not for you but my inability to process
these feelings—
all my life i had been taught this was wrong
didn’t want to be wrong i only wanted to be right
i knew everyone already saw me as
a burden and a blight
on the family tree
just wanted to manage something right,
but perhaps it was my heart that was right and theirs wrong;
regardless i hurt you and for that i am sorry—
i remember how you always smelled
of roses
a pink sunset made me weep for missing you
because as tired as everyone is of hearing your name
it is your name that speaks to me loudest still
even if you never could or will feel the same once i love
i love forever
because that’s what love is
appreciation not ownership.


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Image: Tomas Jasovsky on Unsplash

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