Arthritis – Ellie Rees

My hand and pen have fallen out.
The flow of thought from brain to paper
++no longer travels
with hand’s consent.

I’ve lost my grip:
something has nobbled my fingers

and the nib
now plays diminuendo
++++++++++++++++++feeling its way across the page.

How loose, how easy the keyboard:
a mere touch will elicit
and words come –
with promiscuous pleasure.

But there was something, surely romantic
in the kiss of a pencil on parchment,
the cushion of my palm caressing its face,
my pride in forming elegant letters;
such confident consonants, the swirl of my vowels.

The keyboard proffers
plastic wafers
like after-dinner mints,
a postprandial game of Scrabble



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ELLIE REES gained a Phd in Creative Writing from Swansea University this year. In an earlier incarnation she was a teacher of bright young things from all over the world. Now she is teaching herself to be a poet. One of four finalists in Cinnamon’s recent Debut Poetry Collection competition.

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