When They Come – Sherri Turner

When they come I will tell them
I didn’t know.
It wasn’t me, I will say,
I didn’t know.

I didn’t know what I could do,
what difference I could make,
didn’t want to know
because knowing meant acting
and acting meant choosing
and choosing meant sacrificing,
so I chose not to know.

But I did know.
In another place
that I hid from myself,
I did know.
We all did.

And when they come
they will see that I knew
because I have been expecting them.
And when they come
they will see in my blind eye that I knew
and that I chose not to know
and that that was worse.
And not knowing will be no defence.


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Sherri Turner is a writer of short fiction and poetry and has won prizes in competitions including the Bridport Prize, the Bristol Prize, the Wells Literary Festival and the Stratford Literary Festival. Her stories have also appeared in a number of anthologies. She tweets at @STurner4077.


Image: Mystic Art Design

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