The Endless Chase – David J Wing

The chase began quite some time before and still it continued…

Back before the explosion, before lives in the billions, trillions and even quattuordecillions evolved, subsisted and perished, there was always the endless. Its’ desire to devour, quash and consume was boundless. Life across Galaxies and Universes blinked and expired in dribs and drabs from every corner of creation. It ate light and dark alike. It overwhelmed and brought its’ infinite appetite to bear on anything and everything.

For those that saw it coming, it was reported as the world ender.

News feeds proclaimed the apocalypse to be a reality and within weeks, it had come.

The giant star at the heart of the galaxy vanished first and the outer planets followed, not that it mattered which went next. Without the heat of the Sun, the worlds beyond dulled and died.

Some ships left, laden with supplies and desperate hopes of survival. The abandoned masses screamed to the end.

A number beyond sane measure surrounded launch pads the world over. If the windows allowed, the smell of bodies cooked to a terminal temperature would tear a mind to shreds. Blinds hid the carnage from passengers’ eyes, but the shrieks still penetrated the hulls.

Footage recorded by the external cameras became legend among Earth’s refugees. For the initial years after, the privileged and proud that had made their escape watched those images and thanked their lucky stars…then the reality of their desperate situation sank in.

Some humans found salvation on planets far flung and barren, other happened upon more fatalistic circumstances. Those that chose to remain on makeshift stations had a number of reclamation and recycling issues to contend with – not least of all, what to be done with the dead?

As generations passed, humanity became something wholly different, or was it simply how it had always been, but without the cloud of delusion?

The worlds of Man struggled on and forgot what they had fled all those years ago, but the Endless continued to feed – a welcome relief to many. The stations broke apart and finished their abhorrent existence.

All that remained were the distance few, those that had rolled the dice and continued-on to the very farthest reaches and landed where they must.

Time passed, people did too and before they knew it, the rebooted human race had regained its foothold and began to venture back into the cosmos. Language had changed, as had appearance, but what remained was a desire to explore. The nearest stars came first and then those a little further afield. Before too long, the galaxy had inhabitants near and far.

…then it came again.

Night fell faster and faster. The sound of a silent Universe became deafening. The outer colonies and then the inner planets became extinct and only those star bound held even the slightest hope of life beyond.

Those ships fully fuelled made it further, but ultimately, none made it far.

And now, here I am, talking to you, recording this long and yet painfully brief account of the existence of all Humankind as I flee a faceless darkness that will ultimately devour me.

My gauge reads low, my food stuffs count in the single digits but that all matter little, for my oxygen reserves will have long depleted by the time my hunger or thirst threaten to end me.

I thought of many poignant things to say at this point.

As men and women have come before me, their words reflecting a whole species, a universe of life and death and here I am, running from the end and this is what I sa…



Image: Felix Mittermeier via Pixabay



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