Innumerate – Sherri Turner

The ways in which I love you can’t be counted,
enumerated, written in a list,
nor could I state the quantity amounted
of places where you’ve held me close and kissed
me on the lips that couldn’t speak the number
of loving acts and kindnesses you’ve shown,
or nights when you’ve been woken from deep slumber
by snores so loud they grated to the bone
and with a gentle hand you’ve turned me over
and pulled the duvet close beneath my chin,
then quietly explored the room for ear-plugs
and uncomplainingly you’ve put them in.

The ways of love don’t fit in fine equations,
aren’t solvable by methods known to man,
but that one thing you do on such occasions
means more than any numbers ever can.


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SHERRI TURNER is a writer of short fiction and poetry and has won prizes in competitions including the Bridport Prize, the Bristol Prize, the Wells Literary Festival and the Stratford Literary Festival. Her stories have also appeared in a number of anthologies. She tweets at @STurner4077.


Image: Gerd Altmann via pixabay

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