Tell me about this one – Ann E Wallace

my index finger traced
the patchwork of pale
glossy skin incised into
the bulk of your calf,

and this one, pointing to
the short squiggle nestled off
center in the indent between
bottom lip and chin,

and what about this, cupping
your curved finger in the palm
of my hand, each marking
a story of bad calls and

painful luck, and sometimes
of dread, of hospitals
avoided, leaving scars,
where given the chance

tended wounds might
have been more fully
subsumed by collagen
and cells that mend, but here,

and here, minor incidents
of years past are inscribed
into keloid memories while
others quietly bear

no trace


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ANN E. WALLACE writes of life with illness, motherhood, and other everyday realities. Her work has recently appeared in The Capra Review, Juniper, The Literary Nest, Eunoia Review, Rogue Agent, The Same, and other journals. She lives in Jersey City, NJ where she teaches English at New Jersey City University. She is online at and on Twitter @annwlace409.


Image:  Diego Fabian Parra Pabon via Pixabay



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