Unperson – Sudha Srivatsan

Amidst throngs of intense showers
A deafening applause
Ivory black clouds anneal
With their ilk in titanium white
Right in time to smother
Lingering strands of ochre and crimson
The envy of clouds trickling through
Downy feathers of an odd sparrow
Then gushing viridly in torrents
Tessellating the wilderness
While bearing down haughty heels
Furtive winds, otherwise acerbic
Tonight, subtle
Foretelling my being
Discernibly barren
Wrenching me dry
Into an Orwellian unperson


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Sudha Srivatsan’s works have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including Commonline Journal, Tower Journal, Corner Club press, BlazeVox, BurningWord, The Stray Branch, inbetweenhangovers, the Pangolin Review among others. Her works have been translated into French and also selected to be part of Storm Cycle’s 2015 Best Of anthology.


Image: free-photos via pixabay


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