let me be your good luck charm – linda m crate

i can be your kiss
of good luck
your white light
casting off the night
because i am the daughter of the moon
i have been dancing in both
the shadows and the bright all my life,
but many have chosen my thorns
rather than my flowers;
they would rather me be the monster than the dream
i would rather not cut them on the jagged
edges of my teeth
they oft give me no choice—
just let me bloom
see the fragrance of my heart
let me show you my magic and my divinity,
my love and my light;
i want you to see something more than my malice
yet that’s all you’ll ever let me be—
let me instead
paint a sunset with a thousand wings
then maybe you’ll remember me as i am
not who you think i am instead.


Contents Drawer Issue 13


Image via Pixabay

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