Impasse – Ray Whitaker 

Looking in the refrigerator door late at night
Realizing that the oreos are still in the pantry
There with the dry ritz crackers
And mouse turds behind the box.

So, as with the fresh sleeves of saltines.

A small unopened package
Of canned sardines in mustard,
The paper wrap with a leaping fish on it
Belies the difficulty of opening the can.


RAY WHITAKER does readings around the state of North Carolina [USA], and is a member or the North Carolina Poetry Society, Winston-Salem Writers, and The North Carolina Writer’s Network. He has thrice been a ‘Writer-in-Residence” at the North Carolina Center For The Arts and Humanities, at Weymouth, in Southern Pines,NC. He has two books published, “ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Poems From The ‘Nam,” 212 pages, 03/2015; “23, 18,” 106 pages, 10/2015. He has two other books he is presently seeking publication for: ‘WHITE DOG SPEAKING,” 88 pages, 2016; and “FOR THE LOST AND LOVED,” 93 pages, 2018. Some of his work has been published in American, Irish, and Scottish Literary Journals.


Image via Pixabay 

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