I Of The Storm – Elisa Subin

Was the world
Struggling alone under
Your power
Praying at your feet

sensed your presence
Felt your eyes pulse
Waited for you in the eternal darkness
To come down from your golden throne

called your names and
Desperately sought you
Yet you sat so deliberately
Beyond my reach

danced feverishly for your praise
Drunk with the birth pains of your creation
Young and beautiful
Still naked and wet
Then under the freshly painted heavens
lay alone
Until you lay by my side

Dug the soil as you commanded and tenderly planted your seed as instructed
And waited
For our love to grow
Incubare, you said
Then the rivers would again flow
And together we would be

was always as you intended
Your creation, you said
A mirror image of your soul
But your rejection
Was without explanation

You dismissed me as yours
Ignored my supplications
And as you rose from your throne
To step on my throat
At the sound of my last breath
The cymbals sang joyfully through the heavens

ELISA SUBIN is a poet whose work has appeared in Scryptic, Not One of Us, Little Rose, La Scrittrice, Former People, Bull & Cross, and Hevria, among others.

Cabinet Of Heed Contents Link 26

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