Nightmare and Interpretation 10 – Lilia Marie Ellis

Some covered place a
mall maybe whatever it
was stones falling down a
path blocked (misshapen,
sharp, hardly human) and
a hero in blue vying
to save the day (however
that could be done) our
proudly hero persists a
crowd of no one in particular
transfixed, sedentary,
glad to be endangered you’d
swear they’d dream their
life in song in story
even as (this is a
parable, remember) we
all die in collapse

and so it is simply not a matter of wisdom and a proud yet skillful hand pulling the stern (to cheer for, how singular they rebuild, we watch an arc of exertion and call it greatness (meanwhile people die)
it is a sin to wield power and even more to touch)
Still sweet to have a single soul to believe in, while removing the eyes from each other’s, wool coming down

Lilia Marie Ellis is a trans woman writer from Houston. Her work has appeared in publications including The Nashville Review and Kanstellation. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @LiliaMarieEllis!

Image via Pixabay

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