Untitled – Siobhan Potter

… Abandoned met Contempt and thought he’d arrived
his by and her of
She fed him plate loads
familiar hidden things. The favourite
not leaving- while not being there
He thrived on self-doubt
she settled in— believing he would never leave
in all of the ways you can believe
someone will never leave
Had either seen it coming, he wouldn’t have
Abandoned turned abandoner
holding Contempt in contempt for shelter
Abandoned sees Contempt in town
likes it -walks away
Contempt sees Abandoned coming
could care
but won’t …

Siobhan Potter works as an artist, writer and psychotherapist in Limerick, Ireland. Siobhan has poetry published in: The Blue Nib, Vox Galvia-New Galway writing, Minecraft, Inside Out and Pandemic Journals and has been selected for inclusion in the 2020 edition of the Filí an Tí Bháin anthology. In 2020 she was selected for #IrelandPerforms,and founded ‘not the time to be silent’, an online Arts response to social distancing.

Image by Siobhan Potter

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