And She A Wolf – Susan Darlington

They came out from behind the trees,
the sun glinting off their amber eyes
and their feet bracelet’d in dew.

With their voices raised in unison
their cries of persecution and fear
penetrated the still morning air.

As more gathered in the clearing
she stepped forward and a hush fell.
‘It’s time. It’s time,’ she whispered.

In one body they silently padded
down neglected, thorn lined paths
that led out of the untamed woods.

They swarmed through the village’s streets,
scratched at gates; clipped up driveways
and scrabbled at freshly painted doors.

When the sound of fleeing footsteps faded
they entered the abandoned homes
and settled before still warm hearths.

Susan Darlington is a poet and arts journalist based in West Yorkshire, UK. Her work regularly explores the female experience through nature-based symbolism and stories of transformation. It has been published in the UK and US (Fragmented Voices, Algebra Of Owls, Runcible Spoon, and Anti-Heroin Chic among others). Her debut collection, ‘Under The Devil’s Moon’, was published by Penniless Press Publications (2015).

Image via Pixabay

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