Time: A Treatise – G.F. Boyer

Time’s old conveyor belt chugs
your carcass-laden soul

into a ripening future—too soon
to harvest, too late to uproot.

Under a cold and stinking sun,
bed sheets flap on a line,

like doorways to hidden rooms.
And look—there’s your mom:

clothespins in her pursed lips,
a laundry basket at her hip,

her feet planted in the grass,
among the rotten pears.


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G.F. BOYER has published poems in a number of journals, including The Southern Review, Prairie Schooner, RHINO, and Heron Tree. She lives with her wife and their cat in rural Pennsylvania, where she edits and manages the Clementine Unbound poetry website and works as a freelance editor. Her full-length book, Missile :: Hymnal :: Amulet, will be released in January 2019 by FutureCycle Press.


Image: Maaark

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