An Acid Eastern that’s Appropriated Wholesale what’s Perceived as Wildly Western Or Else Time Machine-gun – Ahimaz Rajessh

Cassandra in a blue bottle yells at Nasnas, and as he feels the sharp shooting aches yet again in his perforated eardrums, she swears twice over that the bloody beauty is the damned beast. In a Uniprose where the polished skeletal remains of the Homosapiens is the favorite museum piece, and wherein the tender tattered Grace cryo-sleeps inside a grey bottle, Kalan groans grut-a-tat-tut at the handpicked paradigm-shifting events strewn in an isolated enVirtualsphere. His skin leaks under his metal jackets, shells fly off his mouth, ears let out gun smoke. Dr. Andro pinches his titanolastic fingers and Kalan shuts his mouth up.

‘Damn if I don’t see all the grey heads coming together,’ the doc remarks, looking half-amused.

‘Like the purples at the back don’t mean countless corpses,’ says Kalan, bemused, then barfs semi-solid whites.

‘You, coin-operated Nataraja, see straight but—boo—those are blues.’

Kalan grinds his teeth, drops his hot metal-belly down. ‘Let me nap a bit, you piece of toxic Plastic’ he snaps, almost no-bodied.

The frozen events in the atmosphere disintegrate as Kalan, shrunk in a crimson bottle, dreams and feels:

Lights go out. Crickets chirrup. Fans propel ever so slowly to a halt. Those wide awake widen their eyes. Chirrup magnifies. Ones asleep wake up. Chirrup magnifies. Crickets burst, crickets burst to birth multitudes. Chirrup magnifies and magnifies. Ones alive press their ears. Chirrup magnifies and magnifies. Ones who breathe wail, press their ears and wail; deaf ones clap, chirrup magnifies. Crickets burst, birth multitudes. Chirrup magnifies and chirrup magnifies and magnifies. Ones who breathe wail, press their ears and wail away, deaf ones clap and clap away. Chirrup stops. Chirrup fades away before chirrup soothes again.

Until, and only until, Kalan groans again grut-a-tat-tut and shoots away yet again at yet another handpicked paradigm-shifting events.

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AHIMAZ RAJESSH has been published in The Airgonaut, Occulum, Surreal Poetics, Cuento, 7×20, Jersey Devil Press, Nanoism, Strange Horizons, Pidgeonholes, 200 CCs, Flapperhouse, Malaigal, Padhaakai, Thalam, Manal Veedu, Unnatham and Liminality. His writing is forthcoming in Milkfist, formercactus, Jellyfish Review and Big Echo: Critical SF.


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