A Portrait of the Street at Night – Priyanka Sacheti

The old woman weaves gossip
into her jasmine:
the black dog is
dreaming of fresh chapatis
and milk. His tongue twitches, look.
The open door,
admitting the night and street
into the house. The inmates
pluck fallen stars
from the courtyard garden
to make into garlands.
The cold velvet air is fat
with the fragrance of unknown
flowers. A girl is writing
her first secret love letter
to someone
she thinks she loves.
But the wind carries
the letters anyway,
for all to read.



Priyanka Sacheti is a writer based in Bangalore, India. Priyanka previously lived in Sultanate of Oman, United Kingdom, and United States. She has been published in numerous publications with a special focus on art, gender, diaspora, and identity and is presently an editor at Mashallah News. Her literary work has appeared in Barren, Berfrois, The Lunchticket, and Jaggery Lit. She’s currently working on a poetry collection. An avid phone-photographer, she explores the intersection of her writing and photography at Instagram: @iamjustavisualperson. She tweets @priyankasacheti.


Image by Priyanka Sacheti


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