Face Values – Mark Anthony Smith

This protects
in games or scares others
in the clammer of
your carnival disguise.
On a given day, another
might be part of that
beauty therapy – the mask that
opens pores. Through dual slits,
pressed above a moulded
mouth-piece, sometimes
this persona
takes away peace.
Sometimes, it horrifies
and takes away your
humanity. You become
that cheap object
like everything now. At least
knitted balaclavas
have, at face value, some
personalities. At least
you value your warm face.
Wear each loud or hide
inside to disguise the quiet one

Mark Anthony Smith was born in Hull. His writing has appeared in Musicians for Homeless and Be their voice. Other poems and stories are forthcoming in Spelk Fiction and Detritus. ‘Hearts of the matter’ is available on Amazon.
Facebook: Mark Anthony Smith – Author   Twitter: MarkAnthonySm16

The Cabinet Of Heed Issue 29 Contents Link

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