Another Place – CR Smith

Where are you heading
You five score men?
United in separation,
Divided across sand
Cast out into silence,
Salt licked,
Weather beaten,
Backs to the land.

Where are you heading
You men of iron?
Cast in man’s image,
The modern day icon,
Measuring life’s passage,
Instructing his course,
Rusting to dust
Before a western horizon.

Where are you heading
You barnacled men?
Nature’s reclamation
Transforming our shrines,
Touching our moods,
Contented, downhearted,
Naked thoughts travelling
Through turbulent times.


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C.R. Smith is a Fine Art student whose work has been published in such places as 101 Words, Ink in Thirds, Train Flash Fiction, Ellipsis Zine, Zero Flash, Spelk Fiction, The Horror Tree, Glove Lit Zine and Ad Hoc Fiction. Twitter @carolrosalind


Image: Carl Johnson via Pixabay

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